Saturday, 3 January 2015

Tissue Paper Mandala - quiet light table activity

If you are looking for a quiet evening activity and you like light table play -  making Tissue Paper Mandala on the light table is perfect!
Creating symmetrical geometric patterns on the light table engaged Mr Frog for very long time.

All you need is:
- light table
- mirrors (we used two square Ikea mirrors)
- tissue paper geometric shapes 

Put the mirrors on the light table upright at a right angle. It is easier if you secure it with a blue tag and put some box/books behind them. Let your child to cut out the tissue paper shapes or cut out the shapes earlier. Then create your pattern.

Child can explore symmetry, geometric patterns and color. Creating patterns using delicate tissue paper is a relaxing activity and it is perfect as a quiet evening play before bed time.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Year of Blogging - favorite posts of 2014

It's been a year since I started Frog in a pocket blog. I still remember writing my very first post Glow in the dark play dough.... and I still can't believe the time flies by so quickly! :) 

It's been the great year. Year full of activities, learning and adventures for me and Mr Frog. 
We were busy learning Maths and Literacy, crafting, playing with light table and exploring great sensory activities. 
Our most popular posts of 2014:

Mr Frog's Favorite Activities:

I've met so many inspiring bloggers and found so many great blogs to read and follow.
Thank you to all of you who follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It is great to see so many people stopping by to read about our play and learn adventure. It is heartwarming to watch our blog growing thanks to all of our visitors.
 Thank you! 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Glitter Fireworks

Few days ago we made fireworks pictures and explored pastels. This time we decided to use all our Christmas glitter leftovers to create more shiny, sparkly and glittery firework pictures!

If you are looking for simple and easy activity for New Year - this is the one :)
Some days I just have no time to arrange any complicated crafts. Glitter and glue is something I can always find in my craft box. It's fun and messy!

All you need is:
- black card
- PVA glue in a bottle
- glitter 
- tray or box (use it to sprinkle glitter on your picture - mess under control) 

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Exploring Pastel Crayons - Fireworks Pictures.

New Year's time is all about fireworks for us! Colorful, shiny, glittery fireworks! 

We created our fireworks art and explored new and exciting pastel crayons that have been in my craft drawer for a while.
Two boxes of new and shiny crayons - is there anything better that this? ;)

Pastels' colors are bold, bright and vivid. They are perfect for creating fireworks art. Don't afraid to give your child a real art materials to explore even if they are completely new for you! Pastels are something new for me as well (as I'm not an artist....) so it was great to explore it together with Mr Frog. 

To create fireworks pictures you need: 
- white and black card
- pastels (we used oil and soft pastels)
- black paint and brush

First we used soft pastels which are easy to smudge and  blend. Simply create your firework on the black card and use your fingers of piece of paper towel to smudge and blend colors. 
I love the bright colors! And blending is great (and messy) fun :) 

Oil pastels are more like the wax crayons. Drawing with them gave us completely different experience - different texture, different pressure on the paper, not easy to smudge. First we designed the fireworks on the white card and then covered it with black paint (use watercolors or watered ready mix paint). 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Threading

This activity is simple and easy to arrange. If you have toddlers or preschoolers who like threading they will love this Christmas Threading Tray for sure! 

Christmas Threading for kids

I'm sure you can easily find this 3 things to set up the tray:

- craft foam (cut out the Christmas shapes and make some holes and cuts in them)
- ribbons
- packing paper stripes

And of course pair of little hands keen to do all the threading! 

It's great for practicing fine motor skills and pincer grip. It develops hand-eye coordination. And keeps little ones busy for quite a long time :) 

fine motor skills

Christmas threading activity

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threading for kids

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Monday, 1 December 2014

White Clay and Pumpkin Seeds Christmas Ornaments

Beginning of December means the first handmade Christmas decorations for us! 
White clay and pumpkin seeds ornaments are our favorite.

White clay is something you can easily find in any craft shop. We like using it to create some decorations like our air drying clay pictures here.
Every year I save some pumpkin seeds
(from Halloween pumpkin carving or cooking my favorite pumpkin soup) and color them red. It's easy to do - just mix pumpkin seeds with some food coloring in the zip-lock bag and the dry them on the baking tray.

All you need is:
- white clay
- colored pumpkin seeds
- rolling pin and Christmas cookies cutters
- toothpicks, bamboo skewer and lace for making patterns
- optional porcelain paint to paint dried decorations for glossy finish (we use this one)

And the most important - little helper to make the decorations of course! :) 

Picking small pumpkin seeds is great to practice fine motor skills and creating patterns using a toothpick/skewer help to practice holding and using mark-making tools.  

If you don't have any pumpkin seeds use any dried ingredients from your kitchen cupboard like we used to create this air drying clay pictures .I'm sure this will create unique Christmas decorations! 

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Salt Dough Ornaments and Pom Pom Shooters - 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids book review

We've been waiting for this book impatiently! Why? Because it's a kind of sensory play bible :)
I bet you know Fun At Home With Kids blog. Asia Citro who is behind this blog collected over 150 fantastic ideas for messy and sensory play and put them together in "150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids" book. 

Just open the book to find 7 chapters filled in with simple recipes for slimes, playdoughs, paints or handmade toys. Sounds great, isn't it? 

Why we love it? Because it is full of great and simple ideas. Recipes are clear and there are step by step instructions. It is full of tips and ideas how to extend play.There are ideas for all ages - babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Plus there are so many beautiful photos!

Why you will love it? If you are a mom like me you probably think similar "What with all that mess? Is it safe? Where can I start? Where to get the ingredients from?". In her book Asia gives you the answers to all these questions. She explains how to start and gives some tips how to manage the mess and safety issues. And I'm sure when you already start you will love the creative, open-ended sensory play!  

And believe me, these recipes are really simple and easy to make at home. We've tried them! 

We chose to make Pompom Shooters and it took us only 5 minutes to make them (yes! very handy for all those Mummy I'm bored moments). And this one was Mr Frog favorite because we made 3 shooters and we had an hour of fun having family pompoms battle! :) 

Then we made Colored Salt Dough and guess what? I found all the ingredients to make them in my kitchen cupboard! (how easy it is!). We made our first Christmas ornaments this year. 

Now the most important question....where you can get the book?  It's available worldwide!

If you are looking for a great and very special gift idea (Christmas is coming!) you can make a creative kit and give it with a book for a special occasion - here is a DIY Sensory Kit idea from Fun At Home With Kids.

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